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20 December 2008 @ 06:27 pm
Fuck you House MD.

Why you ask?

Because you put Foreman and Thirteen together, you bastards. ;; And now? I've seen a handful of fanfic stories I can never bleach my brain free from. You owe me optical surgery to replace the eyes the bled out of my head because those stories, so far, have been poorly written, lack character, and, for the most part, all characters = OOC. WRYYYYYY? DDD'8


I'm not trying to be racial, although, yeah, I probably sound a lot like it at the moment, hurrhurr. >________>; So, excuse me for that. But you know he would because he's House like that. <3

You had such a beautiful gay relationship going with Thirteen and the other woman. It was perfect. And it would've spawned a most wonderful amount (and hopefully well written) of fanfics on the relationship, I could only hope. And then I wouldn't be here making this complaint and whining about ungrammatical writers and their obsession with an obviously unneeded pairing.

Foreman's too cranky to be anything but single, kthnx. It's one of his quirks, to be picky and snappy and arrogant. It helps meld with the show. If he goes all soft and I start seeing fanfics on that, I'll jump off a bridge, I swear. ;_____; If Thirteen and him have to be together, at least keep her the amazing HOT (ogad, sound like a perv now @___@) bitch that she is so that he can counteract with his obvious ignorance. Please?

And pleasepleaseplease if you're going to write fanfics on them, the least I ask, even if I wish they wouldn't exist at all...please keep IC? Foreman is not going to show up singing Barry Manilow on a sixth month anniversary with roses in hand. Okay, maybe the flowers, but Foreman wouldn't sing for anyone to save his life, girlfriend or no girlfriend. 

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05 December 2008 @ 08:35 pm
Filled in the application meme. 8D
Was forced, willingly of course. OMG. Rhyme scheme. *Dr. Suess is rolling over in his grave somewhere*

Under here, thar be information. =BCollapse )
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04 December 2008 @ 02:07 pm
the comm is now open. \o/

get a co-maintainer/mod (i need someone with less of a life than i do to approve posts/members when i'm not around i'm most likely to shanghai any friends if they step up; i play favourites)
advertise (we need people)
affiliate (we need friends)
perhaps get a default icon (all the cool comms are doing it)

comment if you can help with any of the listed kthx.

also, tag abuse is very much loved, so do it.
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