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Fuck You, House MD fandom

"Occam's Razor. The simplest explanation is almost always somebody screwed up."

Fuck you House MD fandom!
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This community was created in light of fuckyou_batman to do here what they do there. What is that, exactly? To rant about all the little things that go on in the fandom that make us just want to say "fuck you!" be it directly related to the show or to the fans and whatever they do that makes you wish they would go die in a fire. Hate a certain relationship on the show? Can't stand stupid half-assed fanmixes? Sick of OOC House fanfiction? Come on here and bitch about it. We want your rants and rage.

Don't get us wrong here, we love House MD. That doesn't exactly mean we love every little fucked up thing about it though. We all have pet peeves, and we also get peeved by the fandom too. One person's opinion doesn't reflect the opinions of the entire comm however, and we're not intending on ganging up on people.


1. Posts are Members (friends) Only. We don't need anyone swinging by on a whim without knowing the basics of the comm just to see us bitching and whining and getting offended somehow. We want as little mud-throwing as possible.
2. Naming names, posting direct links, ect. is acceptable. Sure, it begs for a blow-up, but even if it was against the rules people would probably do it anyway. Besides, it's hard to rant about something if you can't specify what it is exactly.
3. Yes, this comm most likely will contain adult content. (See name for suggestion.) We can't help that.
4. If you don't agree with a post, then just ignore it. No one's forcing you to contribute or agree with everything in the comm. Make use of the scroll button.
5. For the love of God, no "TL;DR". It's just childish when someone's gone out of their way to make a long, elaborate post as to why they're so upset about something. Either read or don't.
6. Don't only complain about fanfics; this comm is about anything and everything that bugs you about the fandom.
7. No advertising for other comms. If you want to advertise, contact a maintainer, who will advertise your comm for you if they feel it's appropriate.
8. All posts are moderated. If your post was denied and you want to know why then it's most likely something that's been posted before. Don't hesitate to ask a maintainter if it bothers you that much.
9. We frown upon House/Cuddy. E_______E


Essentials to joining the comm (not that we're elitist or anything...)

  • READ THE RULES. Come on, it's not hard.
  • Allow a few hours to a few days to be added to the community. We're not constantly glued to our computers, after all. Even though we kind of are. We're exercising this rule since it appears it's scared most potential members off.
  • Once added to the comm, feel free to partake in the friending meme. (Because we all wanna be friends here at this comm, mmkay?)

Maintainers/mods: tea_and_opium // sanguine_cafune

Our word is law, savvy?



Don't hesitate to ask.

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